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Japan Drugstore Show

Japan Drugstore Show is quite unique and one of the biggest exhibition in Asia which provide substantial opportunity for business discussion and public relation.
It is really a valuable exhibition to meet various requirements by all exhibitors and recorded more than 120,000 guests of general public and of industrial parties concerned all together every year.

Trade Show Outline


Japan Drugstore Show 2020


Mar.19(Thu):Open to trade visitors.
Mar.20(Fri):Open to trade visitors & public.
Mar.21(Sat):Open to trade visitors & public.


Japan Convention Center(Makuhari Messe) Halls 4-5-6-7-8


400 Exhibitor / 1,200 booth
Number of Visitors
Approx. 120,000 over 3 days


Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS)


All Japan Drug Co.,Ltd.
NID Co.,Ltd. / Japan Drugstore Chain Association


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of the Environment
Chiba Prefecture
Chiba City
Japan Association of Healthcare Initiative
China Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Association of Chain Drug Stores(NACDS)
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA)
Hong Kong Trade Development Council(HKTDC)
Taiwan Trade Center(TAITRA)
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
Japan India Industry Promotion Association(JIIPA)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Elderly Service Providers Association
Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association
Japan Fruit Juice Association
Japan Pet Food Association
Japan Generic Medicines Association
Japan Federation of Self-Medication Industrries
Japan Self-Medication Industry

Japan's Largest and Drugstore Industry's Only Trade Show

Trade Show Zone

Targeting all the new products and innovative business models in the drugstore sector

Health Care Zone

*Products and devices related to health including pharmaceuticals, non-drug treatments and health foods

Beauty Care Zone

*Products and devices related to cosmetics and beauty

Food & Health Zone

* Food and beverages containing nutritional supplements, care foods etc.

Food & Drink Zone

*Food and beverages

Life Care Zone

*Underwear and care products for daily life

Home Care Zone

*Household articles for the kitchen and bathroom as well as do-it-yourself and safety products

Pet Care Zone

*Health foods as well as products for training and rearing

Franchise Business Partner Zone

*PR companies and recruitment of franchisees by the franchisor

Entertainment Zone

*Products for hobbies and other general merchandise

Stationery & OA Goods Zone

*Stationery and computer-related products


Store & Pharmacy Solutions Zone

*Furniture and security system for Drug store and dispensing pharmacy

Publications and others

*Publications, educational institutions

About Drugstore show.

Drugstore show records that attracts attention from drugstore industry.

The trend has concentrated on here! DS that has scale and results as the largest health and beauty festival in Asia.

Exhibition guidelines for applicants.

Point of this JAPAN Drugstore Show exhibition

"Japan that holds out" and "Self-medication declaration" are promoted, and the drugstore industry combines, and the reconstruction support by the activation of demand and the supply heart is promoted to the key word centering on the JAPAN drugstore show.
I will execute a lot of programs to exhibit to the growing number of companies, and to raise the exhibition advantage also this time.

Point1 - Improvement overseas market reclamation support

A Japanese maker, wholesale, the product information of the drugstore, business model makes the environment that is easy to go into the Asian market and support it.
We work on a group and the Asian countries made and mobilize many overseas guests.

Point2 - Arrival drugstore people concerned.

As the general will of the member of association of Japanese chain drugstore, I plan arrival promotion for a drugstore show for the purpose of "the activity of the market", "an encounter to be tied to business" positively more than before. High arrival of the purchasing motivation is certain.

Point3 - Enforcement of the prior plan notice exhibition contents.

We appeal to a person concerned with dweller, industry for an exhibition company, an exhibition product, the highlight in advance widely and am distributed to the person concerned as a booklet during a session. In addition, business opportunity continues after an exhibition in the sponsor homepages for a publication plan a session later.

Point4 - Expansion of exhibition menu

Setting of mini booth < trial booth >
We will answer the voices of the enterprises such as "Space where articles on display are small and big is unnecessary" and "Because it is the first exhibition, I want to confirm atmosphere for the time being" that want to exhibit in the trial.
As for the exhibition object, the principle and the new exhibition company become objects.
The exhibition company for which the rest hopes will confer.

Special Seminar (planned)

Latest industrial topics and related laws and regulations, must-see seminars.

Theme event

Corner of information dissemination to provide the latest information on stage and industry participation on the theme of self-medication.

Collection of new products

Collects products released newly in this year and classify it in every theme and display it.

Event planning

Health & Beauty information station

How to Apply for a Stand

October 25, 2019

However, the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores(JACDS) will stop accepting applications when the expected number of stands is reached.

Space Fee
Standard booth

JACDS Members

300,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth


370,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth

Mini booth<trial booth>

JACDS Members

150,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth


185,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth

*Regardless of the date of payment of the exhibition fee, the consumption tax rate during the period of this exhibition will be applied.
The consumption tax rate will be raised from the current 8% to 10% from October 1, 2019.

Booth size
Standard booth :

9m2((W)2970x(D)2970 x (H)2700mm) with system panel/ booth

Mini booth < trial booth >

4m2((W)1980x(D)1980 x (H)2700mm) with system panel/ booth

Space fee includes side panels & back panel

*Aisle side panel is not available for space at the corner
*Name board, electricity, carpet, and all other furniture must be requested additionally by order form which will be delivered at the briefing seminar in December 2019.

Bank Account for Wire Transfer Payment

Acc Name: Japan Chain Drugstore Association Drugstore Show
Acc No. 6473922(ordinary deposit account)
Branch: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(0009SAMBCJPJT)
Shin yokohama Branch Swift Code:SMBCJPJT

Deadline for Wire Transfer Payment

November 29, 2019
Exhibitors shall pay wire transfer fees
Exhibitors may not be allowed to exhibit if fees are received by the deadline

Cancellation Charge

When you are obliged to cancel or dissolve all or part of the application,
you may be claimed cancellation charge listed below.
*Before Nov 30,2019 50% of Booth fee
*After Dec 1,2019 100% of Booth fee

How to Apply

Download application forms(Adobe PDF) from the Trade Show Website
http://www.drugstoreshow.jp). Or use the enclosed application form. Fill out and fax or e-mail forms.

E-mail Address:


Japan Drugstore Show Promoting Office
8F VORT Kandaogawamachi,
1-8-8 Kandaogawamachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0052,JAPAN
TEL.+81-3-6206-0067 FAX.+81-3-3525-4171 E-mail:
*We can only accept inquiries in Japanese.


Exhibition Regulations

1.Basic Conditions
  1. Exhibitors shall exhibit according to the information provided in the application.
  2. The organizer may not allow exhibitors to exhibit if their stands do not conform to the purpose of the trade show.
  3. Exhibitors agree to let the organizer publish in pamphlets and the trade shows website descriptions of the companies as well as of the products and technologies being exhibited.
2.Billing for Applications and Stand Fees
  1. The promoting office will issue a bill to the exhibitors upon approval of the application.
  2. The billing charge are as follows.
    Standard booth

    JACDS Members

    300,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth


    370,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth

    Mini booth<trial booth>

    JACDS Members

    150,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth


    185,000 yen (Tax excl) / booth

    *Regardless of the date of payment of the exhibition fee, the consumption tax rate during the period of this exhibition will be applied.
    The consumption tax rate will be raised from the current 8% to 10% from October 1, 2019.

  3. Exhibitors shall pay stand fees to the designated bank account by the November 29, 2019 deadline.
  4. Exhibitors shall be responsible for wire transfer fees.
  5. The application may be canceled if the funds are not received by the deadline.
3.Location of Stand
  1. The organizer will decide the location of the stands based on the hall floor area and the number of stands.
  2. Please note that the organizer may change the floor plan and rearrange the location of stands in order to improve the impact of the exhibition.
  3. Exhibitors shall not have right to compensation in case of rearrangement of the location of stands.
4.Sales at. Trade Show
  1. Exhibitors shall not be allowed to sell any products for cash or to take orders (from individuals).
5.Set Up and Removal of Exhibition Products
  1. Exhibitors shall transport into the exhibition hall and set up articles at the times notified by the organizer.
  2. Exhibitors shall complete the set up of articles inside the stand by 8:30am on the first day of the trade show.
6.Use of Exhibition Space
  1. Exhibitors shall conduct all pitches and other promotion activities within the confines of the stands.
  2. The organizer shall reserve the right to restrict, prevent the use or remove any exhibition articles that due to their sound, operation or materials conflict with the purpose of the trade show.
  3. The organizer shall reserve the right to restrict, ban or remove any exhibiting personnel, articles, behaviors or publications deemed to cause problems to the operation of the exhibition. The removal, however, shall remain the responsibility of the exhibitors.
  4. The organizer shall bear absolutely no responsibility for damages incurred by the exhibitors resulting from the restrictions,
    bans or removals referred to under (2) and (3) above.
7.Organizers Duties and Waivers
  1. The organizer shall place security guards in the premises and make the utmost effort to prevent accidents and ensure the proper management and protection of exhibition products.
  2. The organizer shall bear absolutely no responsibility for damages incurred by the exhibitors or its related parties resulting from natural disasters and other unavoidable circumstances as well as from causes beyond their control(e.g. theft, lost, fire, damage).
8.Contractual Obligations
  1. Exhibitors shall, through the exhibition application,
    be obligated to respect the regulations regarding the implementation of the trade show as stipulated by the organizer.
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